Kodak Black Offers to Pay Tuition for Children of FBI Agents Killed on Duty


Weeks after receiving a commuted prison sentence from former President Donald Trump and becoming a free man, American rapper Kodak Black offers to help the families of two Florida FBI agents killed on duty last week.

On Saturday (Feb. 6), a video emerged on Twitter of Bradford Cohen, Kodak’s attorney, boasting about how the young rapper wants to pay the tuition for the three children of the two FBI agents who were shot and killed in Broward County, Fla. The agents were killed after being shot by a suspect in a child pornography case as they prepared to serve a federal search warrant to enter the apartment.

In the video which surfaced on instagram showing both Kodak and Cohen, the attorney explained how Kodak is a charitable figure looking to give back to his community.

“He’s always rised to the top in terms of any kind of charity, any kind of giving. In fact, today, you know, there was two fallen FBI agents in Broward County that had small children,” Cohen started.

As the lawyer continued, Cohen announced that Kodak will be donating money to help pay for the kids’ education.

“We actually sent the letter over to the FBI director in Miami that Kodak is offering to pay for all three kids’ tuitions going forward,” the attorney told the crowd.

The AP reported last week that the two FBI agents were killed while serving a search warrant last Tuesday (Feb. 2). There were three other agents injured during the incident. Officials believe the suspect fatally shot himself. According to a report from TMZ on Monday (Feb. 8), a friend of Cohen’s, who works at Miami’s FBI office, informed the attorney of the deaths of Daniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberger. Cohen then passed along the information to Kodak, who later chose to get involved.

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