Gambari is a well regarded and highly respected global


The Nigeria Integrity Group (NIG) has described as “rascally lies and fictional tales” engineered by Peoples Gazette newspaper and Farooq Kperogi, targeted at Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, President Muhammadu Buhari’s Chief of Staff.

The group pointed out that the newspaper went on overdrive a couple of months back when it revealed a totally discredited muck-rate about Prof. Gambari and his son’.

NIG said that “the story was contained in a poorly written, ill-researched beer parlour gossip fit for the dustbin but which, of course, made the day of sick soul who wallows in dirt and putrescence.”

NIG’s position which was contained in a statement made available to journalists in Abuja, and was jointly signed by Comrade Abdullahi Namadi Adamu, the national coordinator, Prince Emmanuel Aguibe, nationwide secretary and Elder Ayo Bolaji, director of operations maintained that the group saw a few days ago, Farooq Kperogi’s imaginative flight of fancy in try to breathe life into story dead on arrival by inventing a fictional narrative about how it was Prof. Gambari who is behind People Gazette’s alleged media troubles.

NIG also emphasised that “both Kperogi and the newspaper he’s defending, are not far away from the dark and rotten money that powers their relentless, bitter and unremitting angst against President Buhari, Prof. Gambari and the current administration, and are ever faithful lapdogs and errand boys of Nigeria’s main opposition political party noted for its legendary intellectual laziness and rich history of sleaze, corruption and graft”.

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The rest of the statement reads: “Prof. Gambari is a breath of fresh air in governance circle and is already lauded for constructing on the achievement of his predecessor in positioning the Buhari Presidency for greater heights in grounding its vision and legacy.

There is no doubt that while Peoples Gazette already in deep trouble for vicious lies against the Governor of Ebonyi State and Kperogi dwell within the putrid catacombs of muck- rakings and story-telling, Prof. Gambari is helping to anchor the government’s proactive responses to the covid-19 pandemic, retooling the nation’s security and defence architecture and the core personnel that’s driving it, and implementing substantive protocols that are sustaining the economy in the world of unparalleled challenges.

“Prof. Gambari is a well regarded and highly respected global citizen whose decades of tremendous accomplishments are almost peerless. He’s bringing to bear in governance these decades of effective leadership and no amount of money induced lamentations by Kperogi and Peoples Gazette will deter him from serving President Buhari and the Nigerian people with vigour, zeal and uncommon commitment.

While we warn the duo of Kperogi and Peoples Gazette to ply their dark trade and sell their dirty tales elsewhere we will not hesitate to expose them, their patrons, the dark fund that is fuelling their animus in opposition to President Buhari and the fifth columnists who’re aiding and abetting their unpatriotic acts, from the current path of infamy, they’re threading to the anticipated season of sleaze they will unleash on the system as Femi Adesina warned not too long ago”.

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