Stop Telling Celebs How To Act — Joke Silva


Veteran actress, Joke Silva, has said it doesn’t help for fans to dictate how creative people should behave. In an interview, she stated, “It is very important for one to remain true to who one is. I, sometimes, see a tendency for fans to dictate how one should behave. I don’t think that helps in anyone’s profession, especially as an actor or a creative person. One needs to be oneself in order to interpret whatever is going on around one. That might have an effect on how one tells one’s story as a storyteller.”

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Silva, who co-founded the Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts together with her husband, Olu Jacobs, also shared tips on how to become a ‘trans-generational’ actor. She added, “One must be curious about one’s space, where one is in the world, the world around one and the characters one performs. That is essential.

“One also must be respectful to everybody one works with. Show all people respect. It doesn’t matter how previous they’re or how long they’ve been within the industry. Show them respect so long as they deserve it.”

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