Drama in the National Assembly 2020


Due to Covid-19 the National Assembly and key sectors of the economy were shut down for over a month and even when the lawmakers resumed, they held plenary sessions twice a week for months. This Pandemic kept many Nigerians indoors for many weeks in 2020.

They cancelled, postponed or carried out behind closed doors many other activities, with very few attendees observing COVID-19 protocols.

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But the compulsory holiday and the reduced number of work hours and activities did not stop drama at the legislative complex in 2020 as the National Assembly dished out controversial matters back-to-back.

Lawmakers engaged and confronted ministries, departments, agencies, federal appointees and even their colleagues over several issues.

This report reviews some major events at the Legislature during the year.

* The NDDC probe
This was arguably the highlight of the oversight activity of the National Assembly in the past year. At the public hearing, lawmakers made accusations and counter-accusations, displayed different emotions and a public official fainted.

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It unearthed many dark revelations and brought to the screens, lawmakers who had managed to be under the radar. The name-calling and confessions that trailed the probe left many Nigerians wondering who the real thieves are.

The probe lasted for over a month and separate hearings were conducted by panels of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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