President Buhari’s 2020 Christmas Goodwill Message to Nigerians


I felicitate together with our Christian sisters and brothers in all Nigerians in general with this joyous occasion of Christmas 2020, commemorating the arrival of Jesus Christ.

These worthy values that Jesus’ Advent signify, are extremely essential in our nation now once we are faced with varied challenges.

Like a climbing spate of armed banditry, kidnappings, insurgency, economic downturn, and an upsurge of COVID-19 ailments.


I want to, therefore, enjoin fellow compatriots to correct the expectation which comes with Christmas and exude confidence inside this Administration’s decision.

And the unwavering dedication to restoring peace, prosperity, and security to our beloved nation.

Since they face threats to our taxpayers. While I commend them for their efforts up to now,

I recommend them to do more to checkmate rising episodes of security dangers.

Particularly in the northern areas of the nation in addition to the whole country in varying amounts.

For me personally, supplying security for many residents in the nation remains an article of religion.

It formed an essential section of the Administration’s three-point schedule right from the beginning, and we have to follow along with it.

I can’t in good conscience shirk this cardinal duty to secure property and lives. I feel pained every time a violation of peace and safety happens in any region of the country.

I’m even more desperate when our youths, particularly school kids, are the goals and victims of dumb and malevolent components in society.

I beg with fellow compatriots to present our army and other security agencies more time, collaboration.

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And also support by devoting credible intelligence/information on actions of armed bandits, insurgent.

And other criminal elements in their communities so as to put a stop to the blight on the safety landscape.

To be certain, the issues are beyond the simplistic choices being bandied around.

We will stay focused on after the complicated, multi-dimensional path to reducing the episodes of insecurity to the barest minimum.

Our people have to be free to reside and proceed with no let or hindrance.

This can be crucial not just to enthroning a feeling of serene and societal cohesion, but also for the market to grow.

Let’s utilize this season of joy and goodwill to revive our faith in the capability of this Administration.

To produce an enduring difference in the lives of our hard-working men and women.

Our Social Intervention measures and other financial policies are already generating positive outcomes even at modest prices.

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We will intentionally target our youths so they won’t fall in the snare of unpatriotic components to foment social disobedience resulting in avoidable loss of property and lives.

Allow me to reiterate that although the right to peaceful protest and association is guaranteed under our legislation.

This administration won’t fold its arms and observe protests however well-intended, degenerate into wanton killings of law enforcement,

And other safety personnel in addition to the destruction of national and private assets.


It’s gladdening to note the numerous schemes and elements of this Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP) have been executed reliably to encourage micro-small companies.


We’re optimistic that things being equal, we need to have the ability to depart a recession in the shortest possible time.


There’s every sign that our nation is currently experiencing another wave of COVID-19 disease.

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While state and national associations are trying their best, we have to take individual responsibility and withstand the powerful temptation.

I have complete confidence in the soul of the resilience of the visitors to do the needful.

And stay attentive even as this joyous season witnesses improved journeys and parties.

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